Painting and drawing for me is a compulsion and I am never far from my brush, pencils and ipad. My art comes from my spontaneity and my impulse to create but when it lands on a canvas it is yours to interpret. The colorful visual language I use in my abstracts erupts from my joy, intensity, humor, and anxiety. When I paint my own little catastrophes and victories I hope to show the viewer those ups and downs in life that we all share, the vibrant color and chaos that sits with us through our day-to-day, our own quiet and crazy thoughts that hang on the walls of our consciousness as we go through time and space. While my art comes from a deeply personal place, I humbly feel as though I express the delight, and instability of being human.


Born and raised in Canada. I grew up in a freethinking and creative family. I  Went to Glebe collegiate in Ottawa. I studied at the Academy for Communication and Design in Frankfurt, took evening courses at the Ontario College of Art, Toronto and life drawing at the Städel Abendschule. I have worked as a freelance illustrator, graphic artist and art director. I have been showing and selling my art since the mid 1990’s.

I now live and work in Frankfurt,Germany. I sell my art online, mostly with Saatchi Art. I am part of an artist collective that runs a small Gallery, Galerie Bruecke54  and I teach IB Visual art at Metropolitan School Frankfurt.