I am fascinated by the effects of colour combinations, lines, shapes, patterns. I often paint over finished work, acrylics on canvas, sometimes adding markers and pencil, mark making with a strong emphasis on line. Layers upon layers, hiding bits of one thing and bringing other shapes to the front into focus. Everything seems to be a journey. I am reminded of the subatomic world, the galaxies, creation, endless stories of life. I have experimented with large paper and cement sculpture, digital illustration, oil and acrylic still life and portraits. But I feel the greatest sense of freedom and joy when I am painting abstracts. I am aware of the privileged life I lead and it is this everyday life of mine that I am thankful for and celebrate. I like to see the positive side of things and I really like to laugh. I hope my art is enjoyed and brings a smile to brighten someone’s day.

 Gallery Bruecke54