Sculptures & Reliefs

I try to capture a positive emotion with my animal portrait sculptures. They have self confidence and a good heart. They are not naive, they encourage everyone to see the good in all.

I work with cement and high quality acrylics. The surface is not completely smooth and there can be imperfections, just like in the real world. But the hope is that their presence can bring a smile to anyone entering the room. Can also live outdoors, hairline cracks are normal.


Available for sale

Building Blocks of the Soul

What we know is limited by our measuring capabilities. It’s not as if the atom, or the subatomic world did not exist before we became aware of it. This sculpture series (still in progress) is in recognition of all the wonders that share our world in spite of our ignorance. Maybe this knowledge is stored in the building blocks of our souls. Just waiting for the perfect moment to come out of hiding and become a part of what we accept.   

A selection of SOLD and ARCHIVED sculptures