PAINTINGS              Mostly abstract, Bunte Kunst

I am fascinated by the effects of color combinations, lines, shapes, patterns, layers upon layers. When I create abstracts on canvas I paint with acrylics and fluorescents then I play with pen, pencil and marker. add elements for depth and reflections. I like varying the thickness of the paint and moving the canvas to create a pouring effect. I want to express movement and flow and make the observer want to touch the art.

Inspired by Frankfurt City

I am attempting to capture the city I live in. A mix of old and new, and a splash of abstraction. Not sure where this journey will take me but I am enjoying the process, especially becoming more aware of the world around me.

Inspired by Plants

The plant world fascinates me. Not only because of the seemingly endless supply of shapes and colour combinations, but also their function as oxygen producers.

A selection of SOLD and ARCHIVED paintings